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The Golden Chariot - EU Posse, Recruiting RDR2 online players


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Welcome to The Golden Chariot.

About: We are a group of friends with a taste for the finer things in life, and enjoy helping each other to acquire Gold, Coin and XP from the various roles and pursuits that Red Dead Online has to offer. We are also fond of hunting, barroom brawls, poker and relaxing with good company.

Rules and Ethos: We are mainly PvE, with PvP by consent only, and are not open to Hackers or Griefers.

Platform: PC

Time Zone: Mostly EU, but we do have some NA members so all are welcome. 

Join: If you like what you have read so far, come and introduce yourself on our Discord


12/5/20 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.





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