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[PC] The Rift - The Trail Riders of RDO are currently recruiting members!

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Greetings! 👋

We are an international RDO group that hosts casual trail rides in almost every time zone! We have Trail Guides that will take you on themed and non-themed rides around the map. These are usually social events for simply hanging out and making new friends. Microphones aren't required, but encouraged.

In addition to the trail rides, we also help with missions, trader/moonshine runs, dailies, etc.

We have members from around the world and anyone is welcome, but we do ask that you be 18+ (Sorry, no exceptions).

We are also looking for Trail Guides to host trails. (must have a working mic for this position)

And if you're interested in RP, we have our own whitelisted RedM server! (mics required in our private server)

If interested, join our Discord here:

JOIN OUR DISCORD!        When joining, be sure to read the rules and type the password that is hidden within those rules.

See you on the trails!

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