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Is there anyone playing the game on an Xbox series X?


I just had a few questions for anyone that is.
I am planning to buy one soon, and we are also upgrading our tv.
Last year I bought an LG oled but broke it in August, so now we are replacing it with a newer larger one, the CX 77"

I was hopeful that the series X would run the game at Sixty FPS instead of the current 30 fps on xbx 1x, or maybe even run it with VRR on so it would fluctuate from Sixty to 120 depending on the scene and situation, but I have no idea how it is actually playing.
I know there is a lot of back and forth over settings and such, but I was hoping to hear from someone actually playing the game on the series X to find out what they thought, if they had played it on an xbx 1 before this and just in general how it is on the next gen console.
And whether or not they are playing it on a 120 hz tv with vrr and allm on.

and has there been any talk about a patch for next gen consoles?

They are releasing some next gen patches, like Fallen order the Star Wars game, they made a patch, and a few others I have seen in videos, but I am not sure about RDR2.
any info would be appreciated, thanks

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