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PC looking for posse members


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Name: The Expendables

Leader: Manifest404 (me)

Age: Don't care as long as you have a decent sense of maturity(example: baby raging)

Level: Doesn't matter and we are happy to help low level players and we are low level oriented but would like high level players as well

Platform: PC

Time Zone: Any time zone is fine but mine is CST

Time on: Everyday

Mic: We message each other.

Language: English

Contact: Friend request me then message me on discord at Manifest404#5347

Play style: Anything but usually do money grinding, adventuring, bounties, relaxed

Communication: Discord sever that I will invite you to once you message me

How to join: message me on discord




We so far have 3 members. And would like a consentient player that plays everyday. We are pvp aspect players. We like to hang out in the desert, the swamp, Valentine, Great Plains and Saint Denis. We do not care if you do glitches and exploits. If this sounds like something you want to join please message me on discord.

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I have sent you a friend request on discord.

I am not the greatest player but I do play everyday, some more than others depending on work.  I am not the greatest at pvp but am working on it.  I do prefer the gathering/collecting but am really up for anything.  I habe only been playing for about 2 months but I am over level 100 and really want to be part of a group.  pegasusdream#3787


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