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Xbox gamer needs players for a posse


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Hi...I started a persistant posse today and Im looking for people who would like to join. The goal is to find a few good hearted people interested in helping others succeed. I play all roles so there is plenty to do. Im still learning alot about the game and would like to play with others that really enjoy playing. We will be a laid back group but we will stay busy and of course there will be shenanigans. Im retired so I have a lot of free time to play. But mainly I play after 8pm (EST) every night. If you have a mic that would be great, but not a deal breaker if ya dont. Dosent matter if you new to the game or been playing awhile. Please note....I have a habit of using profanity so be warned...I dont want to be responsible for damaging kids...lol....if interested or want to know more hit me up on xbox. You can find me under HedgeWitch6609

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