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Legion of Outlaws recruiting (Xbox)

Mr Canada

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The Legion of Outlaws welcomes new and old members (currently aged 18+) looking for a community that works together and benefits together. We strive to make our community a place where you can feel accepted and safe. We have a 0% tolerance for racism and griefers and look out for each other, and we hope that you can find refuge in us. 
We have a hierarchy system laid out for players who want a sense of achievement, and the potential for promotion to a position of power in the gang if you can prove your worth to us. 
The Legion of Outlaws are there to help you with your bounty hunter/trader/collector/moonshine roles and we like to find the time where all members can meet up a minimum of once a month to relax and get to know their fellow gang members. We also partake in group bonding activities such as friendly poker games, infected and many others..
Need more gold for those new frontier roles? We can help you get those dailies done and you'll be raking in the gold in no time
Our requirements are as follows:
• be 18+
• have Discord
• have a working mic
• please only be affiliated with one gang
• no griefing

If you any questions or queries, or you would like to be a part of the gang, please feel free to drop us a message on Reddit, Instagram or add one of us on discord.
Join The Legion of Outlaws today and be a part of something greater!

Discord Contacts.

IVI Mr. Canada#0117


we are still actively recruiting

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