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PVP Discussion (Again, Sorry)


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I think I either need to accept this is one game I will forever suck at PVP in or I am just always so unlucky. 

First and foremost please be assured I have learned and will be forever greatful for the tips and advice and Information etc you have already given me, this is where I currently stand...

Do you think it is wise to just quit PVP entirely because of all the idiots using Cronus etc?

I love this game so much it is honestly my favourite but the PVP along with a lot of the people ruin it and I’ve had enough. 

I can’t see the point anymore in even trying and building up skill after discovering idiots are using Cronus and not only are they using Cronus, somehow in their fried brain they think they can tell me I am trash and useless etc?! What is wrong with people in this world? Someone please tell me, it just seems some people are so fked in their head that they somehow don’t think it’s wrong to deliberately abuse innocent people by calling them “trash” “noob” etc etc, I will never understand people.

Ok I am definitely not a pro and this is why I do want to get better, because of how much I love this game I am so willing to give my dedication and I want to in the end walk away knowing I have learned to be successful in PVP. I’m a bit tired and rambling but I hope I make sense, please bear with me.

Do you always have to paint with Paint It Black since the headshot mechanics changed in an update a very long time ago (where your reticle doesn’t exactly stay glued to the opponents head 100% and thus missing shots) so do you recommend to always paint? I can’t seem to get kills just by using dead eye to remove the bloom and shooting their head, I’ve tried so many times.

Also so many times I seem to shoot players in their heads not once, not twice, not 3 etc but honestly they just don’t die with multiple headshots but this begs the question again should I always be painting before firing? Or can lag do this? Like if I’m seeing myself shooting their heads am I still actually not due to lag? I can’t get my head around that either.

Do any of you recommend Slow&Steady to counter headshots? What is it like instead of paint it black when going for headshots? Sorry I know it must appear strange as to why I haven’t tried it myself I am just fed up at the moment and know this is the best place to ask for all the information.

Should I become a carcano player instead if these damn players survive so many headshots and trust me I check and these players are not even using Never Without One, I can’t work it out.

I want to enjoy the PVP because it is part of the game but then again you don’t really earn a lot from it now do you? I currently just run bounties and go collecting at the same time for my Gold,XP & Cash. But because of how dedicated I am with this game I sort of want to come away knowing I did somewhat well.

But with the Cronus infestation is there even any point building up skill? You will never know who and when you encounter someone if they’re just going to use Cronus etc so all the time a legitimate player builds up their real skill will just have it ruined by these fkin scumbags.

Alright sorry for that being so long but I will be so happy and greatful for any feedback etc!

PS: Just need to clarify on whether I always need to paint before firing (I’m sure I hit them in the head multiple times but maybe I am not due to the update a long time ago (I think it was 1.09 where they made that change to your reticle not staying 100% glued to your opponents head (but it does with NPCs) so maybe I just need to actually paint before wasting shots that are missing. 

How good is Slow&Steady to pull off headshots? It seems some players just don’t even try and they always kill me in one headshot and it just does not feel right at all, I can’t work out how they do it and so fast.

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