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[PC] Recruiting NATIVE AMERICAN characters for startup posse

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Recruiting: PC USERS | 18+ | DISCORD

The purpose of this posse/crew is to help players find other "NATIVES" in game so we can help each other, meet each other and organise ourselves
against the white settlers that took our land. I couldn't find an active community of players that like to play as native Americans so I thought it would be
nice if we have a place that we can meet, discuss, get organised and play together. Potentially if we find many people that are interested we can make
a big tribe with small sub-tribes (posse) in game.

For now the rules are simple:
1. Play as native american
2. Be respectful to other people
3. No modding/cheating
4. Be chill, its just a game

I just started the recruitment so I am alone for now 😄 
but... I have seen other native americans in game I know they exist!

👉 https://discord.gg/KGb9PzsYEg


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