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The Irregulars


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plural noun: irregulars
  1. 1.
    a member of an irregular military force.
    Hello all, I am looking for some older players to start running some of the posse content and group missions with as well as some plain of goofing around, especially since now there is a survival mode.
    I imagine the Irregulars as a freelance, free-roam Law enforcement selling Law and Order to those who don't have it for a reasonable price.  Why should the Pinkertons be the only ones making a dollar off of the misery of others?  My toon has a very Tombstone clothing style at the moment and I was hoping to get a group of Long coats together with a similar look just because I think of group in black rolling around the map would look cool.  That's not written in stone though and am pretty open about the look. 
    My camp is in st. Denis and I can usually be found in that area.   Nightibis is my name in game.  I don't have a mike running at the moment, but can easily hook something up if anyone is interested.
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