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*Help, can't interact (talk, aim weapon, etc) while on horse


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So lately I just downloaded back RDR2 on Steam, and I ran into this problem that I can't interact with people on horse. Like I can still raise weapon, talk friendly or rudely to people while on ground after focusing on them, but the same can't be done like normal while I'm riding on horses (interaction menu flickers). I do use some mods but I have already tried uninstalling the game, then delete RDR2 folder in steam, and reinstall the game with no mods loaded. Would appreciate if anyone has ideas on how to fix this, or maybe its another known issue idk. Thanks !

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4 hours later lol, I found it. One of the reasons or the main reason it took  so long is that "" misspelled the file name -- KeyMappings instead of Key Mappings.

Drive C: (even if your game is on another drive (another botch by a Software Engineer but this time it's a MS Software Engineer or lack thereof)), User, what user you are using, Rockstar Games etc., Profiles, some alpha numeric number, KeyMappings -- ta da!

I used WordPad and saved it in Unicode as this is required. NB: always make a save before of the original file in its original form, then change the name: I always give them the extension ".ori" for original, then save the new file however you can and rename it to the name that is required for the program to work correctly.. Untested as of yet.


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It didn't work. lol

What I need now is the type of file KeyMappings is so that I can get an editor or edit the file and save it in the proper format. Wordpad and Notepad don't work. n.b. Whatever format I saved it in, RDR2 couldn't read it, so it remade it with all my previous keymapping changes without me having to copy back my saved file.

I would guess that Notepad++ would work and maybe automatically save it in the proper format?

Also, there is no keymap for "Aiming" and the only way to learn how to aim is through the tutorial in Chapter 1. I wonder why RDR2 doesn't allow you to remap "aiming" as this also might correct their bug. AND I don't know why RDR2 doesn't fix their bugs. Maybe to maximize profits and to show that they could care less about their customers? I mean,  how many years have gone by with these and other major bugs left unfixed?

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