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Hunting Challenge 6



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I don't believe it works like that, but that's a nice thought!  but I DO usually get 2 with one!  I go to Rhodes.  just southeast of Braithwaite manor is a spawn point for the florida panther.  I kill a deer by attracting it with herbivore bait.  (I usually try to get a three star so I can use the hide). 1/2 kills completed! Then take the deer to the rocks at the edge of the woods at the 3 way crossroads.  set it by the rocks there, and sprinkle potent predator bait on it.   quickly run and hide behind the other nearby rock across the road  and a panther will soon come by to inspect your trap. you have to wait until he seems to take a bite from the deer, and shoot it with an arrow or a rifle, (even a repeater works).  DO NOT SAVE AND RELOAD between the two kills or the count will reset!

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