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website: APPLY | Mmgbrotherhood (wixsite.com)

The secret society provides the most elite unique experience. Members are well-dressed, well-spoken, and well-behaved know to be silent about their business

the secret organization their vision in the form of a shadow regime of content creators controlling from behind the scenes. In this light, the Murphy's have frequently infiltrated other organizations throughout history to position themselves as a infamous foe. We are unified by a vision of secrecy, making it our mission to create the perfect society fighting against the falsely led organizations full of ideocracy that look to deface our goals to expose them of their ceaseless wars, petty strife, corruption and lies. 


For the true believers of this dream, it is a noble cause in which they are taking upon the burden to save the community from itself. By individuals wiser than most is the only solution will be to make the sacrifices deemed necessary to bring an ultimate end to tyranny, deception, and injustice through their content.


To be a Murphy one must open their eyes to the realization of understanding the absolute truth of reality around you. Our highly structured  rigorous recruiting process quickly attracted the attention of  known people of the community even being promoted by very known actors.

The fundamentals of Murphy's philosophy, we are viewing the community from the shadows watching the endlessly repeating conflicts and acts of subjugation of others. Most known groups in the communities are self serving, irrational and corrupt these are flaws which can never be fully overcome, only suppressed through discipline enforced by authorities formed by targeting their reputation.


The title of Master Mind officially denoted the head of the Murphy Mob. However, as the Mob spread across to other games, establishing branches from GTA to Red Dead and now new games came to designate the rank of the Seneschal supervising the newly found Realms. 


With a active chat on Discord and Instagram to discuss anything we are a involved in with a dedicated social media presence also streaming on Twitch also making videos, interviews and podcast membership in Murphy Mob offers a truly unique experience that goes well beyond gaming we stand for loyalty, quality and brotherhood. We look to build a community of up and coming underground content creators.






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