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Posse Recruitment!! Xbox Only!!


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Hello, I am currently looking for players interested in joining a Civil War role playing Confederate posse. This posse is strictly for role play purposes and any kind of racism/hatred will not be tolerated. As a posse, we will role play the Confederate side of the Civil War and have a presence in the southern state of Lemoyne, New Austin, and the Great Plains/Tall Trees region of West Elizabeth. We will also have realistic simulated battles against Union based role playing posse's. We are currently looking for both infantry and cavalry soldiers as well as an individual who wants to serve as the "President". All levels/ages are welcome! Mic is optional and text based communication is required. A decent amount of in game cash/gold is required as there are specific uniform requirements. Again, no racism or hatred will be tolerated or allowed as this is a just for fun role playing posse. My Xbox gamertag is HeadCrusher448. Message me if you are interested. 

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