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Does anyone have a good way to get the boas in Guarma? Every single tip I found said to go right below the E on the map and boas should respawn there often. I had the Rainbow and Sunglow boas from other areas, but the Red boa kept refusing to spawn. Actually in that area under the E, snakes in general didn't spawn.  It took me 2 days before I finally got it. But I need a better way to get them. It was driving me absolutely insane. I had already gotten all 3 macaws and the booby. But I wanted all seven of the exclusive Guarma animals. And that one snake was giving me 🖕 and not spawning anywhere.

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The trick to spawning the boas (and you probably know this as you got the others to spawn) is to get to the point above the spawn area so you can look down, if it hasn't spawned turn around and look the OTHER direction for about 10 seconds.  then when you look again, it should be there.  sometimes you get the same snake spawning in several times.  it's annoying I know, but this is the only way I know to get them all.    I assume you got the fer-le-lance viper snake also?  I found it further south east in the sugar canes.  (If you didn't find it, it will also spawn in New Austin)

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