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Gaucho from Argentina


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Very excited by the release of RDR2. It's been a long time and finally it's here. I bought the ps3 for the RDR and and i bought the ps4 the day that RDR2 was anounced. You can find me as Ibarrola-Agus on ps4. Hope to share some cool moments on the RDR online.

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Howdy there partner! Welcome to these forums!

I can't wait for RDR2 as well! I've just started to replay through RDR. I'm a bit rusty with me winchester ya see, and I thought I'd do some shootin'. In preparation of RDR2.

Anyways, I'd suggest to take a quick look at the forum rules: https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/809-forum-rules/

Also, if you're looking for a posse. I'd suggest dropping off yer platform and gamertag here: https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/858-post-yer-platformgamertag-here/

hope you enjoy ya stay bud!

- Mr Fahrenheit.

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