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  1. Hi to everyone. My take on this is that is a shame that R* doesn't take advantage of such large and beautiful world, at least with another tale as a sp experience. There are so many characters that could be developed and get their story told.
  2. @Cokeyskunk you made me remember something funny happened this week: so i am getting ready to go to work, so is my lady, and and as always she is late and behind...So i started to watch a vid of the story of the development of red dead redemption. My lady barely understand english but she has heard "red dead redemption" many times over the years and specially this year with all the hype...and then she bursts: red dead redemption!! Red dead redemption!! Is all i hear in this house!!! Red dead redemption!!! I can't see the time when it gets released so i don't have to listen anymore "red dead Redemption"!!! Me: and i am up to here with your reality shows and the rundowns of the reality shows and the rundowns of the rundowns!!!... At the end...she took the car and i had to put on my spurs and walked to my job...like a true cowboy...
  3. 35 year old Gaucho here...i haven't been so excited by a game release since GTA San Andreas...
  4. Pampero (Argentina) Odysseus (Universal)
  5. Dma design was the developer of the first Grand Theft Auto...even by then it was revolutionary...
  6. @Benjo i remember that gta san Andreas has about 100 missions. I don't quite remember if it has secundary missions. Anyway...I played pretty much one hour a day, more or less, and it took a month for me to finish the main story...
  7. @BropolloCreed79 you know...i always thought that the prohibition era would be a great setting for a Red Dead game...
  8. I haven't been so hyped for a game since GTA San Andreas...yes, San Andreas...
  9. @YodaMan 3D true...R* has dropped the ball on so many issues in Gtao...but i do hope they have learned from it.
  10. @YodaMan 3D welcome!! rdr1 is the best game i ever played, with all its flaws its still my favourite game. Since i played it for the first time, same as you, i have been chasing rumours since then. Welcome again.
  11. @Aimesleje...harsh words...but true nonetheless. I am getting rdr2 mainly for the storyline, wich was amazing in rdr1. Same as you i am not really hyped by the heists in the storyline but far from hyped of the ones in the online component by the same reasons you just exposed. As the online component i feel the same way as you. You get online only to find 90% of the players being scumbags that ruin the whole experience. In all these years (as you since day 1) i only had a few moments and far in between where i found cool players to play with, complete missions and heists... On the other hand i do believe that R* is aware of these situation. I do believe that they are aware that their audience are not only kids with their parents credit cards, but an audience that has grown old and are adults looking for a great gaming experience. I do believe R* knows their market and their audience and the standards they require as adults that, like myself, go to work, earn our money and pay for a high quality gaming experience...maybe i am asking too much....In a few weeks we'll know.
  12. For the storyline...and just get on my horse and ride where ever the wind take me...
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