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  1. Jeez !!! Your right, they are truly ugly ... no wonder the west died, procreation was too awful to contemplate, suppose roll em over and use doggy bareback would do it ... large brown paper bags were not available .. Gunny sack, then again, use those for everything .. yea, roll em over ...lol
  2. When you think of the day one sales numbers, then the amount by the end of first week, yea, lots will be on tomorrow
  3. I reckon its simply because its a beta, gradual introduction of numbers over several days, saves crashes, and allows them to monitor and possibly adjust setting their end to accommodate us ..
  4. Day one player, not Ultimate though, so Wed 28th for me
  5. Seems legit, truly hope it is ... Weird release system, but can see the sense in it, especially as it a beta version
  6. https://www.polygon.com/2018/11/26/18112534/red-dead-redemption-2-rdr2-online-multiplayer-beta-release-date Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online, will go live on Tuesday, Nov. 27, Rockstar Games announced today. Rockstar will launch Red Dead Online in beta form on Nov. 27, and it will initially be accessible only for owners of the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. The following day, the beta will open up to those who played Red Dead Redemption 2 on its first day of release. On Thursday, Nov. 29, those who played the game in its first three days of release will get access. Then, on Friday, Nov. 30, online multiplayer will open up for all Red Dead Redemption 2 players.
  7. I have completed 2 full run throughs, I started in 3rd person, changed to 1st in chapter 3, stayed that way .. yes its different, but changed my play style slightly to suit ... couldn't think of doing it any other way tbh.
  8. Got half way through my 2nd run of the story .. given up now, hope the online is better, had enough, hugely disappointed .. back to Destiny 2 it is then ..
  9. Anyway, who cares, its a game, keeping religiously to total reality in the game world would be nigh on impossible I even tried some clay pigeon shooting with a musket once .. besides getting a very bruised shoulder, it was hilarious ...
  10. Hand guns back then were only accurate up to 15ft, an exceptional shooter using his sight could be accurate up to 25ft, beyond that, sixguns were useless ... The low slung "fast draw" holster was a rarity, most legit fast guns were crossdraw, right handed right hip holsters were used by everyone else .. There was even a design back in the mid to late 1800's of a swivel holster for fast draw
  11. All I am saying is, I have never ( I think the same applies to the majority ), taken into account or considered the manufacturing costs to in any way influence my decision to buy something .. the continued existence and or longevity of manufacturer is down to them to provide a product we are prepared to pay at the till, shareholders care, consumers in general, do not. I have been in business for 40 yrs, employ 140+ people, never had a customer ask for an explanation about what my product costs, they really don't care, value for money at the till is what they care about, and rightfully so .. my overheads are nothing to do with them ..
  12. Must admit, I honestly don't care what it cost to make ... if I want to buy a car or a washing machine, do I want/need to know what it cost to make, NO !!! Only need to know what it will cost me to buy and perhaps how much it will cost to run and maintain ... manufacture costs are TOTALLY irrelevant to the consumer ...
  13. lol, with great difficulty .. btw, half way through second run, on chapter 3
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