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Crafting Questions

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Is there anything I should not be crafting? When I open the crafting menu, it lets me know what I'm able to craft with the recipes and ingredients/materials I currently have. Should I be saving any ingredients/materials for later or for something else? OR should I craft anything I have the ingredients/materials for right then and there?

What's the most beneficial and efficient way to go about crafting?

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That's a tough one. Are you going for 100% completion? If you are, then I would just go about it challenge by challenge. Meaning I would wait to craft something that isn't particularly needed until a challenge says to do it. Once you finish that set, then worry about crafting for your own reasons. Some things are exceptions like cover scent, bait, arrows and firearm ammunition. Small stuff, go ahead and have at it. But big stuff, I would recommend holding off for just a bit.

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