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Mission: "Smoking and other Hobbies"

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We all know the mission, collect 12 sets of 12 cigarette cards in and around the entire map.  Well, I have met the mission giver, I have collected all 144 cards (12 sets of 12), sold off the excess cards and.... and .... and....    


I am never given the option to mail the sets a any post office, my "Mission Log" states 0-12 sets completed, yet all 144 are in the compendium.

I'm sill in Chapter 4 if that makes a difference, in and around St Denis and Shady Belle... (Yes I got the Blackwater cards, etc, through the general store, because that area is still closed to me.)

Any hints or solutions?  I've grown very frustrated with R*'s lack of support in this.  Images of the mission's numbers can be found here...  https://imgur.com/a/xpb51Js

Thanks for reading.

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Are you sure you didn't already mail them? The cards will still be in your compendium, but you won't be able to mail them a second time. Did you use any cheat codes while collecting? You can't save if a cheat is turned on. Any progress you make is lost, and sometimes they can bug out and deny you a few things. Something that I have to deal with, (no cheats enabled here) is sometimes when I get into a gun fight (we'll say Lemoyne Raiders) I can draw my gun, but the game won't let me aim it. I can neither aim or fire it. So I have to ride away as fast as I can, and then figure out WTF is going on. I don't know how many times I have died due to this stupid BS.

Another thing that has happened to me, in chapter one when you fight the conductor on the train, I wasn't able to hit him back to get out of his grasp. The game simply wouldn't let me. So I eventually had to select the skip mission option and stop the train that way.

So the game glitches all the time, but I haven't encountered an issues that kept me from doing something that's a part of a stranger mission. I would suggest you start a new file, but with all the progress that you have made, I can't in good conscience suggest that.

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Thank you for the response.  No, I have no mailed any.  No I have used no cheat codes.

Apparently, what I am finding out, is that the cards, even though they are found and collected and checked off the compendium list, can still be sold.  My understanding was only the duplicates could be sold.  I may have acquired and sold the entire set.

What I'm looking for now is confirmation that I am, indeed, an idiot who now needs to collect them ALL OVER AGAIN and won't be able to see which cards I am missing because the compendium lists ALL the cards as if they are in my possession.

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I've made that mistake. I accidentally sold a card when I began playing a couple years ago. it's like animals, plants and anything else that can be shown in the compendium. Just because you have discovered it doesn't mean you're in possession of it. You can pick all the parasol mushrooms you find, but you can then use them or discard them (intentionally or unintentionally) and it will still be in your compendium. The compendium only shows you want you have discovered, not what you possess. If you go to your satchel and go to the documents tab, you will see all different card collections listed. Just look at them and they will tell you what cards you currently have. It will also tell you how many of each card you have. If there's no number next to it, that just means you're only holding one of the card in question.

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