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Warped Brindle Arabian Horse always buckle me

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I'm well deep into chapter 3 now and have tamed the white arabian as well as the other one by the lake with little to no problems, so I wished that I bring warped brindle arabian by the Wapiti reservation to my collection. Boy was I wrong...This horse buckles me no matter what I do. I'm playing on PC so I keep S pressed down and normally as with the other horses I press A and D in the opposite direction of the horse's movement. I also keep pressing G to calm the horse but nothing works. After 5 seconds the horse buckles me from his back.

I wonder is there some kind of trick with this horse, am I missing something or is just my lack of skill?


Any help appreaciated



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It's no different than any other horse. I play on PS5, and all I have to do is mount then wiggle the left stick back and forth while pulling it back. It doesn't matter what breed of horse it is. So I assume you're doing something different than you did with the white and red chestnut Arabians.

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