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beginners question



I have rdr2 on pc with a speedlink controller.

if I am in a side mission I noticed for hours and hours from the the camp to hunting deers that I dont know what to do more to get to a new mission.

furthermore I noticed that from one free mission to another sometimes I have no riffle anymore while in a former mission I had two riffles found.

could someone show me way hoe to go on?

thks in advanced


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It sounds like a massive glitch. RDR2 is full of glitches. You may need to reinstall the game. From what I understand, the PC version is worse for glitches than the console version.One of your rifles could have been put in your weapon locker for some reason. You could check that. As for getting new missions, look over the entire map and see if you find a yellow marker with a letter in it. Something like this image here.


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