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Bringing xS8Kx back


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Hey guys, thought I better introduce myself seeing as I’m sitting at work on nightshift, bored as hell!

Once dedicated RDR player before COD Black Ops came out and my clan jumped ship! Finished the storyline in 9 days and decided to go online which was the best decision ever made!

Keen on jumping back into the online gang matches n would love to find some old school champions to play with.

An Xbox 360 player who jumped to PS4 and now back to the Xbox One X! Cannot release my gamer tag at this time because I need to change it as I’ll be back to repping my old name or somewhat close to that!

My old clan was xS8Kx, and I’m not sure if anyone is still kicking around these days? But I’m looking for anyone from there, RDS, TWO, UGS, and NBK that might wanna posse up? And any other clan that might have existed after we left the top clan mantle up for grabs!

Cheers. xS8Kx RAIDERS

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Welcome dude. Black Ops take over your life man? The first one was decent but BOII was the best CoD game in my opinion. They all suck now though. Jumped ship on those games back in 2012. GTA kind of helped drive the stake in for that.

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