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  1. Is there a place you can check your online stats for this? I only see what I have played the game over-all, not just online.
  2. I only ever use the fox trotter when I want to avoid people. The speed is great for getting away from other players in a pinch. Just can't handle turning well and god forbid a twig is in the road, the horse might die instantly. lol
  3. The candy doesn't do anything else? I never use it so I'm not sure but I could have sworn it did something else that the cheese does not. Maybe I am wrong.
  4. I thought you were telling people to come to get you too based on the title. Made me think of the movie too. Congrats on the 300. I just hit 100 not too long ago.
  5. I am guessing the support team doesn't know much beyond there being a known issue. I hope they give people something for this though. Kind of unfair if you play for hours and then realize you got nothing for it.
  6. Same here. Kept happening because of AFKers. Was really annoying cause I kept being matched up with them. I hope they fix it soon.
  7. Paris is falling apart and I can't help but sit here and wonder why they are letting it all happen. I know the church going up in flames is likely down to an accident but there are so many issues there now, it is just sad. They had to block off a lot of monuments from people destroying them. The Eifle Tower is surrounded by an ugly wall now. Why can't people admire and respect history rather than try to destroy it? A lot of bad crap happened but we got where we are today because we continued to learn from history and past mistakes.
  8. Nice, short, and to the point. I can respect that brother. Hope you enjoy the forum and you are enjoying the game. Plenty of helpful people on here if you need some help with anything, just ask.
  9. (Technically not tomorrow, but Sunday in the AM) I always forget so I am reminding you all that tomorrow we have to fling our clocks an hour ahead of time (screw you Arizona!) and lose an hour of sleep. This is the part of the year I hate more than anything. For the next several weeks I feel like I am not getting enough sleep. Well, the change happens at 1:59 AM and jumps to 3AM here, not sure if it does that everywhere or not.
  10. That isn't real liberalism though, that is being a complete leftist. I have no issues with liberals. I may not agree with everything but they at least want to have discussions and meet somewhere in the middle. The left is all about avoiding personal responsibility and blaming everything and everyone else for your problems. They are basically socialists now and it freaks me out to see everyday people falling for this crap.
  11. Hey... You... LEAVE! NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE! Now you can't say you never seen it (I don't mean this, just joking and I completely agree with your statement as well as @Kean_1 )
  12. Some people are having issues with missing NPCs, shops that aren't working, missions that are glitched, and animals basically not being found. I am sure they are aware of the issues by now but it doesn't hurt to tell them what is happening for you. I have had these issues here and there but overall, when the lobbies work how they should, there is plenty to do.
  13. I use 2 step for everything these days so what is one more thing? I'll do this in a bit. Does the gold show up instantly or are they waiting for a specific date to fork everyone their gold?
  14. I think this would be great considering it was a thing to do back then. When you can't trust people, you hire them. The money is the influencer to do the job right. Kind of like modern day hitmen.
  15. They need to either have more for people to do together or this will only keep happening. When I get bored in any game, I just start dicking around. Usually with my friends but depending on the game, I might troll others but not excessively.
  16. Usually, if I am being attacked or harassed and I don't want to leave the server/lobby I am on or I keep getting put back in the same one, I will just screw them over right back till I get bored.
  17. Yeah it seems like they need to tweak this a bit. Even when you just spawn into free roam, it is a bit of a toss-up as to where you will land. Sometimes I get put by loads of animals and get attacked, other times I can spawn in and get shot within 20 seconds if I don't start moving.
  18. Same here. My buddy gets the same issue. He said he messaged the issue to Rockstar so hopefully others have too and they fix it real soon.
  19. I didn't know about this either. Thanks for sharing about it. I am going to try it out in a bit when I hop on.
  20. I don't understand why they allow other players to know where you will spawn back in. I have gotten killed and lassoed a number of times thanks to this. You should at least have a 30 to 60 second window of time before you can be attacked.
  21. This is probably the most annoying thing to me. I have signed out in camp to come back later and be surrounded by wolves or something. How they going to allow you to leave the game protected and then screw you over. I now find the nearest town and sign out in a bar or something.
  22. I just want the option to play with others in a less competitive environment. I know others have mentioned it, but PVE server would be much appreciated it. Let us fight the environment together. I am not always in the mood for PVP.
  23. I had some random dude spawn in a bar I was in. It was an actual player. I don't know how that happened. He said he exited out of a mission or something. He couldn't leave the bar riding his horse either. He got off of it and the horse glitched itself into the wall.
  24. Glopez

    Need help

    This is yet another thing Rockstar failed to explain about the game which puzzles me, maybe they were hoping to sell more guides by telling us a lot less about the mechanics of the game. Kean explained it right.
  25. Anyone watch the super bowl here? I don't but I do attend a family gathering for the food. lol Looking forward to some appetizers and pizza tomorrow.
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