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  1. After a yearof playing you will hardly be in a need of a map believe me
  2. I finally figured it out. The limit is thirty but if you happen to get to 28 day streak you will get this or additional map making it 31 it's probably only this one exception otherwise it's 30, but it's useless storing them because... Once you get doubles and open or of them the second one disappears as if you opened two of them
  3. The two stranger's arguing is probably only honor decreasing event if you decide tokill the shooter the same as with the guy in the camp but opposite effect here honor will go up if you give him raw meat
  4. Even if what's the point repeating repeatable repeat
  5. Level doesn't matter what's matters is the number of players on server
  6. Just checked 30 seems to be the limit
  7. Earlier I had 25 and could not collect lfrom lockbox
  8. I will check later but I'm sure it was 30
  9. I have doubles in satchel I still doubt that 30 is limit, maybe can't be triples only, I'm waiting for the week with bonus gold from maps because I opened one yesterday and it awarded only 0.6 gold while during bonus week I was getting 1 gold and more besides I have done over 2000 free roam stranger's missions with average 0.1 gold
  10. Is there limit how many maps can you have in lockbox? I have thirty in satchel and can't collect the rest , I'm looting treasure hunters but nothing drops.
  11. Don't forget your bolas I lost three already
  12. I have foxtrotter Hungarian Arabian and palomino but I ride 130$ halfbr3d
  13. The more time you do the more payout I had 80$ and 100$
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