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  1. Owl feathers are for the Homing Tomahawk. Not the Improved Tomahawk. I have the same issue. And it’s the only item left for me to craft to compete the Survivalist 7 challenge l. I actually had one in my inventory when I finished the Survialist 6 challenge and received the Survivalist 7 challenge. But it wouldn’t let me craft another one. So I got rid of it, thinking that might trigger it to become craft able again but it didn’t. I’ve re-read the pamphlet just in case, I have all the ingredients to craft an Improved Tomahawk and even Homing Tomahawks, I just can’t craft one agai
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  2. I need to craft an improved tomahawk to complete survivalist 8 challenge, however i have a tomahawk and both an eagle and hawk feathers but when i goto craft at my camp fire it doesnt show the option to craft in my list.... anyone else have this issue or is there something im missing here? Need this to finish my challenges tyvm in advance for any help
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