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  1. You can definitely do it in the Epilogue as I did it about a week ago at 95% completion. If it’s not spawning save and reload, exit the area and try again. The biggest issue is that there’s often too much activity for it to spawn - which gets annoying very quickly.
  2. Having replayed the entire game for a third time I am finally looking to 100% everything in the game. But I've suddenly encountered this. I have every trinket, talisman etc, etc.. just wondering what this missing perk is. Any ideas?
  3. Yes, it was the Carbine Repeater and the Cattleman's Revolver. If you take anything else, then Dutch doesn't say his "good, let's get going " line, he just keeps telling you to get your rifle from your horse. And the mission won't progress, wasting lots of time. I didn't do a good job of catching Kieran in the video, but it was good enough to get him in 40 secs (or whatever the target is) and to still hit the 15:30 mark. But hopefully, it gives you some pointers and shows you that it is doable, even without a perfect run.
  4. If you're intent on growing your beard make sure you don't do a certain mission in Ch 4!
  5. Here you go, freshly processed by YouTube! https://youtu.be/5S0uI366N3A
  6. Will do but sadly it just railed to upload from the PS4 so starting again from my laptop - says about 20 mins.
  7. No you can't sadly. That was the biggest loss for me.
  8. So yes, I skip everything that is skippable and get every achievement that is required to get gold in the one play through.
  9. Yes, I replayed the entire mission on a save where I had only silvered it before (I only got 14 headshots originally and couldn't be bothered to retry it) and recorded the whole thing. Total video length including launching the mission and waiting for the confirmation that I got gold is 17:20 I believe and it has 18 mins to go until it is uploaded from my PS4 to YouTube - then YT needs to process it. So probably 30 mins and it will be live.
  10. Good luck!! I'm also currently uploading to Youtube a video of me getting gold on this mission for you and I'll post a link once it's viewable - could take some time to upload though.
  11. Away from the game right now so I can’t check but I might be thinking of the scene right before that as you mount your horse after collecting the dynamite but before you start riding.
  12. The best place I found for the tomahawk one was Hanging Dog Ranch. If you stay outside the fence and circle around to the north side there’s a line guard stood outside a door. Crouch down and approach him while aiming the tomahawk. Once the dot turns red slowly back up until the dot turns white again. Take one step forward equip Dead Eye and hold down the throw button until it is fully charged. Shiuld fly right off and kill him first time and it will be over 80 yards.
  13. Yeah, I just collected them as I went. One or two at a time whenever I saw them on my way into St Denis. Blackjack was about 3 hours the first time and 2 the second. Finally got the third one when I drew 17, hit for a 2, followed by ace and ace.
  14. Yeah, I just collected them as I went. One or two at a time whenever I saw them on my way into St Denis.
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