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  1. I found another easy money hustle that Rockstar will probably fix in time... The first 5 or 6 story missions on XBL will pay out big $. Over $100 each, but only the first time you do them. After that theyre worth only a few dollars. After doing the first 5 story missions ( possibly 6, not sure ) you can start over and re-create a new character while still keeping the $500 or so that you earned from the missions. Yes, your character will start from level 1 again, but you can bank thousands with this method if you have the time.
  2. Can you be more specific? What are you stuck on?
  3. Looking for: -Ages 21 and up -Stoner friendly -English speaking -gender doesn't matter -Fun and ridiculous humor while being productive is the goal. If interested, let me know on this thread and I'll update with XBL group to join.
  4. Oh! And another thing I forgot to add. Pluck any of the bayou birds that you happen to kill besides the egrets. Eventually youll need Herons and Spoonbills for future "Duchesses" quests. ( dont bother with the ducks though. ) Same thing goes for any Orchids you come across. Pick em. You'll need em 😉
  5. I completed part 2 of "A Bright Bouncing Boy" a while back and the 3rd mission never spawned for me. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Good points. I'd like to add though that I've seen far more cougars in the northeast coenwr of the map ( north and west of Annesburg ). But I agree that predator bait and hiding is pointless while hunting cougars. THEY HUNT YOU! So no cover scent lotion.
  7. My advice, spread it out. If you're trying to knock out that mission in one day you're gonna drive yourself crazy. And if the weather isn't sunny, just camp & sleep, or do something else and come back to it. Using your hunting vision and binoculars while stationary on the horse helps. You don't need to gallop close to the birds ( until they're dead ) bc thats when the gators will get you. Good luck!
  8. That quest is hands down the most tedious and annoying. Your best bet with whichever birds your hunting: sunny weather and noon are the best conditions.
  9. Rockstar made it seem it's likely all your progress will carry over, but NOT garunteed. Judging by the super high levels ive seen some players with, there's gonna be a LOT of backlash if the beta progress doesnt transfer.
  10. A quick $ grab method are the treasure maps. They don't involve any combat or law breaking. Start with the Jack Hill Gang map ( eventually you'll find gold bars worth $1000 ) or the Poisonous Trail map which results in more gold bars. If you did the stranger mission "all that glitters" then you have the first jack hill gang map.
  11. The area by Aurora Basin and the area just east of Hanging dog ranch are good for wolf hunting. Usually they'll be in packs of 3, and usually 1 of the 3 will be pristine. Just use dead eye with your springfield rifle and aim for the face. ( sometimes when you aim for a headshot you'll hit the neck and ruin the pelt. )
  12. Trying to do the "Duchesses and other animals" stranger thread and im having way too much trouble finding and hunting the 3 different types of egrets. I know their supposed locations, i drop plenty of predator bait, but they seem so rare. Herons everywere, no egrets. Any tips? Time of day?
  13. It was later in the day, probably between like 4 and 7pm. The weather was sunny. And I wish I recorded it myself...
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