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  1. HI! No matter what button i remap slow down horse it never works. I hate using the CTRL button. Anyone have this going on?
  2. Heck, i didn't even know u could buy them
  3. KEAN! I see you on every forum that i am on haha. Still love that avatar.
  4. I have been underweight fo r a very long time. Ive been eating but no go.
  5. HI! I need help i suppose. I have been able to study animals with the binoculars BUT i cant study them while aiming 😮 I get the little the R1 Prompt to study them but it never works. I have to try and switch to my Binoculars real quick which usually does not work too well I know i am missing something here. Basically i cannot study animals while aiming even though it says i can
  6. Hmm. I have played so many i dunno. Seems like it was an MMORPG maybe. I remember telling you that your avatar was great back then too lol.
  7. Kean. I remember your from some other forum a while back and that avatar still cracks me up.
  8. I'm like a crack addict when it comes to saving. It is actually annoying to me how much i save but i cant seem to help myself!!
  9. Thank you. I thisnk i was under the impression that you hit X to get it going and that was it. In other words i did not know you had to keep tapping it and i was wondering why i was stopping for no reason or slowing down. But that helps.
  10. Greetings! I just got this game and have been playing it for a few hours but there is something i cannot understand. Im on ps4 and it says tap the X button to make the horse go faster. Ok i do that and it stays the same speed. It also says hold X or tap X to make the horse go the same speed as someone near you. I do that and the horse comes to a stop a couple of seconds later. The only thing i have gotten the horse to do successively is go fast for a few seconds by tapping the X button maybe 6 times in rapid succession. So the horse does not seem like it is working as it is supposed to be from what i can tell from the tool tips it gives me. Does anyone have this issue or maybe you can suggest to me what i may be doing wrong because i have been trying to mess around with it to see what i may be doing wrong but i dont know
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