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  1. ^ about the drawings. Couldn’t edit how I wanted, sorry. About the topic: I’ve found Norse carvings on the far northeast of the map. It was a drawing of the world serpent with a lot of text. I have no ideia what it says though. And I saw this tree before in front of a house shaped like a turtle, and that’s the symbol of that strange religion in the game. So some people think it’s the house of the LEADER of the religion.
  2. Guys, you can customize things. you select a preset for head, then a preset for eyes. If you press X, you can change eyebrows and eyes in deferent ways. It’s like that for almost everything. press X and further customize that part. teeth still rotten though.
  3. I think I just got a big spoiler... in the Red Dead Redemption Forum... in the online mode sub-forum... without spoiler tag... am I right?
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