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  1. Curious what sort of money making routes you guys are doing in free roam. I've gotten into the pattern of hitting a fishing hole and then hunting on my way to the Valentine butcher and I'd like to plan a longer more varied route that hits multiple money making opportunities and butchers. Good hunting, fishing, herb collecting, gang spawns, etc? So what are your go to spots? Here's my Salmon fishing spot. They sell for $4.25 a pop, but require a $0.50 worm to catch until you can get lures at rank 30. The Salmon seem to appear in this very specific location and have some kind of spawning cycle where they aren't always there, but it's usually pretty reliable.
  2. Because its fun. Usually when someone lassos me I don't break out just to see what they do. I'm always a little disappointed when all they come up with is shoot me in the head.
  3. I've played Friday-Sunday, probably put about 15 hours. I netted about $750 with my time spent between story missions, screwing around shooting up towns, and seeing how much money I could make in free roam. I'm not entirely sure how much that was inflated by doing the story missions for the first time, but also I spent a huge amount of time either not making money or just actively losing it by shooting up towns and attacking players. My immediate reaction is that I'm glad, mostly compared to single player. Single player was painfully easy, if it wasn't for them locking weapons in single player, I would have had everything in the game unlocked within the first 2 chapters, by the end of chapter 3, I had more money than I could spend and it kind of sucked a lot of the fun out of hunting and robbing. I deliberately blew all my end game money after the epilogue just so I could enjoy robbing again. On another note, thinking back to GTAV, GTA Online was about thrice as grindy as I wish it were. Hard to compare at this point with Red Dead Online.
  4. I read some comments of people saying rockstar said they will try to not reset, but that they may have to do so. I haven't been able to find the source for this though. I will beta either way.
  5. I know I fixed some weird glitches in single player by closing the app and reloading it. I've also seen some people recommend doing a proper shutdown and restart of your console and reporting this fixed connection issues.
  6. My guy became overweight really fast and I've been trying to lose weight. I did a lot of hunting and cooking and stocked up on meat so that I could easily refill my cores for free during fights. Well I've done a lot of mission and fighting so I eat a lot of meat, and now my guy has a massive gut I can't seem to get rid of.
  7. Always on PVP is fun. But yes I find it humorous when I get blasted in the back of the head while fishing, or if someone just randomly walks up to me and hog ties me. It's just a video game and the stakes are super low.
  8. While online the tooltip told me I wouldn't be able to saddle or sell the wild horse I tamed. I took it to a stable just to test and it just kicks you back out on the street.
  9. I think its fun whether I'm the one being shot or not. Also considering the game and genre, it's nice to have some level of ethics and thievery between players allowed while in free roam.
  10. I've beat the game and have just been doing various challenges and hunting. My fishing pole has become permanently disabled. It says that it cannot be equipped here, no matter where I am. I googled for a solution and some people said that they started nearby combat that prevented them fishing. But I've tried dieing, sleeping, moving to different bodies of water, standing in a boat, on a dock, etc etc. It's just always disabled now. No other activities seem to be disabled, and I can go around doing stranger missions without issue. My pole was also working for a while after beating the game, it just stopped functioning at some point. My best guess is that I am now cursed because I executed the fishing lady down in Leymone after stocking up on bait and lures. Any suggestions or solutions? Edit: Googled a bit more, says I just need to manually restart the game through the menus. I'll report back once I get the chance to try, away from my console right now.
  11. Heists, lots of heists. Also lots of other cooperative content. I'd also like to see free roam shenanigans kept in check through various game mechanics. GTA Online was like a constant death match and while I think being able to freely kill other players is great, it just needs to be kept in check. I'd like it to leverage the bounty system to do so. If you have a bounty, others can kill you freely, if you don't have a bounty and another player kills you, they get a bounty and a load of bounty hunters on them immediately that will force them out of the area for at least some time. Also tie it into PvE bounties, so if you're going around shooting up towns like a nut, you are open to be killed by any player without repercussion. If you're playing smart and not getting a PvE bounty, then you can't be killed less the other player is willing to get forced out of the area.
  12. https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/19/red-dead-online-devs-reveal-first-details Most of the stuff you're worried about probably wont be an issue. I'm hoping for more cooperative content and server stability. They don't address servers stability but do mention they feel the heists were the best part of GTA Online and want to make that sort of thing a big part of Red Dead.
  13. There's also a stage coach fence you can just take any stage coach you steal and sell it. I believe it's unlocked during one of the story missions (chapter 3 I think), it's at Emerald Ranch.
  14. Alligators down south in the swamps give big game meat, and they are ridiculously easy to hunt and are down there in huge numbers.
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