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  1. Yeah, glasses would help! I think it's a reflection of the times, and generally larger TV screens that on screen info has gotten smaller. I used to play games on a 10" Screen that was 14 feet away, and did fine.
  2. I agree. Rockstar has put so much effort into incorporating the side quests and challenges, even since RDR1. I remember thinking that collecting plants and herbs seemed kinda random and distracting in the first instalment, but are much more integrated and reward based in this game, with benefits that you want and help drive the game, like deadeye improvement and better weapons. Stuff that makes sense and isn't just put there to pad the content.
  3. I'm with you brother! I pre-ordered and started playing the second I could back on the 26th, and I have no shame in admitting that I'm still just starting chapter 3. With a game where so much was put into an immersive and rich environment, I'm going to take full advantage, get every penny's worth that Rockstar invested, and just move into the game, so to speak. Let them troll me for my gaming ability, I have no doubts about my own skills, and I think, personally, that I'm getting the better value from this impressive, old west experience. I think it's that same internet competitiveness driving people to beat the game fast that also pushed people to claim "first" in responding to some forums and blogs, be the first to share secrets, cheats and spoilers because it makes them look informed, and claim the game is "sh*t" because they think it makes them look like a super gamer. Welcome to the internet, where "connected" can all too often be read as "up to our nipples in idiots." I guess that if this is how some people enjoy and get value from their gaming dollar, that’s fine. Who am I to dictate how they have fun? So long as it doesn’t interfere with mine.
  4. I may just be setting myself up to look stupid here, but has anyone else spent any time chasing around the minimap compass points (N, S, E, & W indicators) because they look like the X's or paw prints of dead stuff on the map? These indicators can be tricky anyway, cause they seem to change size and distance to accommodate perspective, but at normal magnification the compass points can look just like dead stuff on the map, and it can take a minute or two to realize they're not. This can get you dead when you’re looting bodies at the site of a battle, and the law suddenly show up to investigate. I think the minimap could use a going over, both for this point, and for color coding of objects and points of interest and waypoints. I know size is an issue, to keep things immersive, but this is where more color coding could shine. When placing a point of interest marker (L3) it leaves a red map point. Why red, when this color is also used to show nasty killer things sneaking up on you? It just inures you to the red spots that are supposed to be showing you potential danger, because there's so many point of interest red spots cluttering up the minimap? My point? Perhaps Rockstar could put the compass points in little circles or something, differentiating them from items on the map, and color code other stuff, like making the points of interest yellow or something less menacing than red. Just a thought.
  5. It sees you when you're sleeping It knows when you're awake It knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake … "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" John Michael Montgomery It does adjust certain events and behaviors based on your actions, so who knows? LOL It's got the jump on us! How do you beat a game like that??? Some b*tch at camp keeps gettin on me about not doing my chores. A video game that sees into your soul, this is how Skynet starts! 😂
  6. Did you check the fences. Most of the arrow recipe's can be bought at your friendly neighborhood fence. If they're not showing up in yur campfire crafting menu, double check that you've got enough flight feathers needed for the recipe... happened to me.
  7. This day, November, 16, 2018 I am establishing Marston's Law, which states: Items that seem ridiculously overabundant and plentiful shall always become sparse, infrequent, even rare once you begin searching for them specifically and in earnest. At the beginning of the game I saw so many Pronghorn Sheep that they seemed like vermin. The first thing I dragged into camp was a Pronghorn Buck, and I was a little ashamed. I thought to myself that the game was a bit "pronghorny." Now that I'm trying to find one to tick off my camp improvements, I can't find one for love or money. They've evaporated. I see what seems to be a juicy, perfect pronghorn or 5 on the horizon, get out my binocs, and sure enough they are mangy White Tail's, of which I need none. Where were they when I needed them? An so it goes with rabbits, squirrels, boars etc. To the point where I'm wondering if they coded it into the game just to laugh at my sorry ass. I just shake my head and say... it's Marston's Law. Give me a shout if this has happened to you, just to know I'm not crazy.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure not to read any of your posts. So what I'm hearing is that if we want to use the internet we need to accept people being juvenile, antisocial di*ks. So, by that standard, anyone who goes to the theatre to see a movie should just accept the ticket seller telling you the ending, after selling you the ticket, that's just the cost of going out. Society in general?, the greater world?... just accept people behaving badly into your life with a smile. Give up on standards of acceptability.
  9. There's several places to find beavers, but the one that worked best for me was just west of Van Horn trading post. Lots of beaver on both sides of the river, but finding a perfect 3 star pelt can take some time. There's knawed on trees, and a dam with lodge. Walk up and down the river edge, and in the time it takes you to do so they will respawn in one of the three or four spots in the areal I used the varmint rifle.
  10. You can choose which side of your horse to dismount on by quickly flicking the left joystick in the chosen direction when dismounting, e.g. hit triangle to dismount, then flick left joystick to the right to get off on that side, or left for left. You can hitch your horse to many things, like trees, or the ground, Just hold triangle where you want to dismount. Hitching your horse has benefits, like bonding, and keeping it from wandering away or being stolen, regenerates health and stamina. You can remove you horses saddle while hitched at camp. Improves bonding, resting and stamina. Pressing L3 while riding will raise your bonding level. "You're OK boy!" Also calms them after gunfire, accidental falls, etc. There are two levels of horse whistle: tap up on the d-pad, your horse will come to you, hold up on the d-pad, your horse follows you. Best horse trick ever... if somebody steals your horse, gets on and starts to ride away, whistling for it (up d pad) will make the horse buck the theif off!
  11. My name is Andrew, I'm 58, from Vancouver, Canada. I'm a child of the video game age, my dad bought "Pong" when it came out. Wow, we've come a long way. Like it says in my profile page... in 2003, while playing GTA Vice City, I found myself pulling my car over to watch the sunrise and listen to a favorite song on the radio. At that minute, I knew Rockstar had changed gaming forever, and I liked it. Chubby Johnson was a "Western" sidekick, born in Terre Haute, Indiana, 1902, who played in some classics, like Bonanza, Death Valley Days, Drango, Death Valley Days and Calamity Jane, among many others.
  12. Anything to do with RDR2 getting called for profanity is a bit ironic. There's some foul language in the game, no doubt, so anyone having issues with potty mouth really should be looking for Nintendo games and forums. 😇
  13. Donate money to the tithing box in $20 increments, exactly, over and over and it boosts your honor rating and pleases the f&#k out of Dutch. Has to be exactly $20, and you'll hear a higher pitched bell ring. Pays off much better than giving large sums.
  14. Legendary critters are easy compared to one stinking perfect squirrel skin. I mean, if you look at the things the wrong way they go from a perfect rating to poor, just to piss you off. I finally took to shooting them on sight using the varmint rifle or bow with small game arrows, and just counting on the odds to get a perfect skin. The wooded area around the stables north of Lemoyne, east of Dewberry Creek are just teaming with tiny critters, squirrel, chipmunks, rabbits, especially at night. See image below. BTW, did you know you can stomp varmints. Pesky rattlesnake at your heels, just hit X (square on xBox?) and dispatch the little buggers with your boot heel. Not recommended for pelt collecting as it tends to much them up a bit.
  15. Be extra careful while browsing RDR2 topics and tutorials on YouTube. There are tons of spoilers, especially in the comments. Some are clearly planted there to mess with your day, using one short line that you really can't help seeing even while quickly skimming over the list. If you hate spoilers (who doesn't) I'd avoid the comments altogether!
  16. I've been getting so frustrated cause I can't craft arrows, and I'm out. I go to the craft prompt while at a fire, then the weapons tab (click R1 or L1 to navigate) and there's lots of bullet options, but arrows don't even show up. I've got plenty of Oleander Sage and arrows, and I've got all the recipes (check this if you don't see arrow modify options, in your inventory under documents) then it finally dawned on me, I'm out of flight feathers!!! Doh! Gotta go an shoot me some birds.
  17. My horse's names so far... Osage, Interesting Lee, Drunk Gov'ner & Boudreaux (pronounced Boo-drow.) Some name suggestions: (please add to the list!) Sir Shits A Lot Hard Tack Nuggets Ginger Flame D'oro Pepper Snowball Victor Champ Buck Utah Chaos Blaze Lightning Rocinante Cochise Copper The Stink Diablo Amigo Fury Sugar Foot Tempest Box O' Bricks Crazy Bastard Thunder Clap Sunny Little So-and-so Sugar Cane Bubba Lordy Loo Bag O' Beans Will-o'-the-wisp
  18. I've got the same glitch. The chores are there, but there's no black dot. If you look at the back of the wagon nearest the horse corral there are bails of hay and sacks (???) and approaching these will give you a prompt to "pick up" then instructions on what to do with them. Look for the stump with the axe for wood chopping chore.
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