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  1. That's a fine list you've done mister. I'm usually just wandering around the map getting killed by other players (have encountered some decent ones also) and playing the story missions over and over again. I tried doing the stranger missions, but they were broken for me as I couldn't start them after the first cut scene with the quest giver. Sent R* a ticket and got a response that they are aware of that problem with stranger missions.
  2. When I started playing RDR2 I was overwhelmed. It's such a huge game with tons of interesting things to do. I found myself early on searching the web for info on various things, mainly for crafting and what animals are used for each type of crafting; satchels, camp upgrades, Trapper etc. I lost track of what I was doing many many times and decided to put everything into one Excel file so I could track my progress in one place. The sources in the file are from all over the web. I hope it's ok to post this here, if not please delete this post mods. Just wanted to share this if anyone else who has Excel likes to have a handy checklist on their laptop while playing RDR2. The checklist/guide includes: Story Missions (with links to IGN walkthrough) Stranger Missions (with links to walkthrough and a checklist) Challenges (Checklist) Animals (Every Animal type, best weapons etc.) Satchel Upgrades (Checklist) Camp Upgrade (Checklist) Talismans (Checklist) Trinkets (Checklist) Trapper Outfit Sets (Checklist) Legendary Animals (Checklist) Located on Google Drive for download: RDR2 Checklist/Guide Thanks mister!
  3. I swear I almost shat myself when this happened to me near the Lemoyne sign by the train track near Rhodes.
  4. Maybe this can help you out? https://rankedboost.com/red-dead-redemption-2/egret/
  5. I would say one of the serial killer clues I came across accidentally when travelling the woods south at night. Pretty gruesome stuff.
  6. Just bring your most powerful gun when hunting the legendary animals. I usually go with the Springfield (with scope and Express bullets) or the Bolt Action Rifle.
  7. I named my trusty steed "Tree Magnet". Suits his character perfectly.
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