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  1. Lol actually it was the same for me.
  2. I had a similar situation. I found a canoe near Shady Belle. Used that to get near other boats as I made my way to the island. Saw an opportunity and jacked a small steamboat. That was awesome, I caught the legendary fish from the small steamboat.
  3. I find these annoying bastards everywhere. If you ride around long enough two or three will charge at you. A shot to the head while on horseback with a revolver did the trick for me.
  4. This is Rockstar, so yes there are always a couple of pain in the ass quests to do for completion.
  5. I think you can only store horses, you buy from the stables or catch and break in. In addition there is a horse called Buell which you get from completing a stranger mission. That mission starts north of Annesburg, where you find the legendary animal to hunt. Btw Buell is one of the best horses in game. So its worth doing that mission to completion.
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