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  1. Yup, beans on toast is a legit thing. You can't beat the full monty one for lunch. Has sausages and other bits with the beans. I have got to admit the one which has always baffled me is the whole sweet and savory on the same plate at breakfast. Pancakes, syrup and Bacon caught me off guard the first time. To be fair Bacon rocks, so I can sort of see the logic of trying to get it included everywhere. Thanks for the great welcome mate, hope to see you online.
  2. I am a "mature" UK gamer and my xbox tag is SirWeasel so it looks like I will be joining your posse. To be fair this is exactly what I was looking for, in RDR1 I used to play with a older group. I think the youngest was mid-to late 20's. It really made the online play mellow, with the occasional asswhoppings given out to swearing squeakers.
  3. Veteran from the Old RDR1 online (god, I miss my zeedonk). My tag on XB1 is SirWeasel and I am looking forward to recognising some of your tags online. Thought I would join because after looking through the forums you all seem decent enough folks. I am a Brit, but my name is not Gavin
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