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  1. And their PSN or other IDs are not like that?
  2. I will wait until I see what they offer. After all, they had portrayed the stupid and insulting "parlay" system as an "anti-griefing" measure. The idea that people not interested at all in PvP should have to be subjected to repeated killings and that Rockstar putting in a parlay where we might occasionally get a 10 minute break from it... and that Rockstar at least initially thought the this stupid parlay system was something that PvE players would be PLEASED with... Let's just say that my confidence level that Rockstar will actually do something to stop the griefing is very low right now. Until I see an actual solid anti-griefing system in place that will actually work, Fallout 76 will be my pew-pew home.
  3. I LOVE Fallout 76's system. If the PvP brats want to fight each other, they are free to do so, but if they harass people who clearly do not want to play with them they will be severely punished. If a griefer kills someone who never fought back, they will show up on everyone's radar as a red dot, they will be labeled as a "Murderer" by the game, and a Bounty will be paid to whichever player kills the murderer. Even better, the bounty money comes out of the griefer's ingame funds! The griefer is also punished with a several hours long debuff which they can't escape by just logging off and coming back later, it is measured by time in the game. I usually do not PvP, but every time I see a "Murderer" show up in Fallout 76 I make a point of going and killing them. Their screams of outrage as I gun them down and take their money is so sweet. So as a result, there are pretty much no griefers left in Fallout 76. I LOVE it. I'm sure the little griefer brats cry their eyes out over it. If Rockstar chooses to do something like just make friendly lobbies, then I'm cool with that. But I'm not playing RDO again until they stop pandering to the griefer crowd.
  4. While there are steps that can be used to lessen griefer experiences, which I've used myself, such as blocking griefers from my PSN and switching servers, I've grown tired of having to jump through a lot of hoops just to play unmolested. I'm using a simpler personal solution. I'm playing Fallout 76, which has an anti-griefing system that I love, until Rockstar actually does something to allow PvE players to play their Online game without constantly being harassed. If they lose enough players, then they will listen. Rockstar won't get a penny more from me until I can play RDO without griefers.
  5. 1. If a player kills another player who did not fight back, place a heavy bounty on the troll. 2. Have them show up on the map as a red marker and advertising that a bounty will be paid for killing them. 3. When another player kills them, have the game pay the bounty collector the big reward out of the trolls' ingame funds. 4. If the troll does not have enough money to cover the bounty cost, have the game make up the missing amount to the bounty collector, but place the deadbeat troll in jail for a prolonged period. Have this be game time. If the player logs out, then the penalty timer stops until they log back in again.
  6. If you are playing on PS4 and get griefed, when you respawn immediately crouch so that your griefer cannot see you. Pull up the player list with your left directional button. Locate the griefer on the list and click on them. Choose the option to see their PSN profile. Once there, choose the "..." option at the right and click on "Block". Log out and log back into the game. You will never see that player ever again. I did that on the first two days of playing. I blocked about 10 people. Now I am on servers without any di*ks, I have been playing all day today -- everyone is cool. The PvP griefers are a tiny asinine minority. At least so far, until R* puts in a more concrete way to deal with them like private lobbies, this method at least eliminates the griefers after one event with you. Like I said, after a couple of days and about 10 griefers getting blocked, I've been able to play peacefully all day today without anyone causing me any problems. I've had plenty of folks in my vicinity, but since I've been blocking the "must kill evah thing ah see" crowd, all of my fellow players have been peaceful and considerate.
  7. Yeah, north of St. Denis is one of the best hunting spots. Get some gators, stow the best pelt but go ahead and skin others to get the meat, teeth, etc. Also lots of wild hogs around there too. The animals are all pretty close to the city, so you don't have to ride far to get to the butcher. And absolutely as you've said, get as many birds as possible. Stow the two best ones and skin the rest. About the only problem I've encountered there is sometimes you have to wait in line to use the butcher.
  8. Another trick that I use if I come upon a large flock of birds all peacefully sitting somewhere, use your Dead Eye to target as many as possible. It tends to increase to number killed.
  9. It is my understanding that a PSN block would achieve this. It basically disables the griefers' ability to network with you in any way whatsoever involving the PSN. They cannot send you messages, they cannot see your online status, and for this purpose -- they cannot be teamed up with you. You've seen how RDO's open world operates, it includes open chat with everyone on the server. PSN treats that as them being teamed with you (although the game also features "teams within teams" with the posse system). But the long and short of it is, in many years of playing on Playstations, I have never once seen a player that I blocked ever again. Today for the first time I was actually able to play in peace. Everyone on the server was just peacefully running missions, hunting, or whatnot. The few that wanted to open world PvP were actually mature and organized a specific location on the map for people that wanted to do that to go to and fight each other. But obviously PSN blocking is an imperfect system. It only lets you get rid of trolls after they've abused yourself or someone within your perception. Hopefully Rockstar will put in private lobbies or something like that very soon so that the hassle is eliminated to begin with.
  10. That doesn't necessarily fix the problem. Some PvP griefers would enjoy the attention. What I do is get their PSN identity, and place a PSN block on them, and then switch servers. PSN will not place you on the same server as the little sociopaths that you've blocked. If enough people do this, then eventually the little losers will be whining that "The servers are dead! There's no one to play with except some assholes!" But more importantly, R* needs to fix this. The game isn't fun to play except for the losers that enjoy griefing. There should be separate PvE servers. Place the griefer losers in their own little ghetto so that they can die off, like every other MMO I play.
  11. I really hate the always on, forced PvP. If we are not given some option to avoid it, then I won't be playing it for long most likely. I also hate the radar maps showing your location to people in other states. You should only see folks that your character would be aware of.
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