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  1. Omg! Yes! I changed controllers and it stopped!!! Thank u!!!!!!!😃😃😃
  2. I have trying stopping my walk and then aiming. Still does it. Does it when im fishing too. I walk right into the water. This is so annoying. I wish i could control it. Its impossible to be stealthy when your walking right towards your target. Run/ fly every time. Ive tried every thing. I just go do missions when i cant hunt. Errrrr.
  3. Not happened to me but if i had the option i would prefer to skip the skinning.
  4. I shot an owl yesturday. I was returning to camp from Valentine. Watch for big shadows crossing you overhead. I saw a post on another forum that said can find big birds roosting. Use your vision L3 R3.
  5. Sometimes it does it and sometimes not. Arthur starts walking when Im trying to aim at a target and scares things away before i can aim for a perfect pelt. I want to stand still when i aim. Whst to do?
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