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  1. Shouldn't be an issue because gold bars can't be traded for in game cash. So you only gamble with your earnt money. And anyway i used to play texas holdem online with some friends on xbox 360 and you use in game money obviously. 1.Trains that are NPC controlled and can be robbed. 2. Heists 3. More game modes
  2. Happens to me, I've been killed when my horse is loaded but I understand that it's a game and that people may kill you for any reason at any point so I come to terms with that and play accordingly. Get off your high horse.
  3. Only cost 4 gold bars. Iron and blackened steel.
  4. Nah I'm sorry but if you are that fragile you should stick to single player. It's a game with a PvP element, most of the organised games/activities are PvP based.
  5. My and my friends got locked the bank in Valentine, when I respawned, it was boarded up and said "closed"
  6. I sometimes kill people for a bit of fun but never follow and constantly kill. If you come back then I presume you want another dance!
  7. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jenko-xukx/video/66063652
  8. I think a timeline of when something is expected to be released would be nice. Very much how Disney/Marvel put on proposed films and release dates. Just gives us a feel for how often they want to release stuff.
  9. It will be in soon, can't wait to spend my Friday night play poker with friends and then shooting them because they bust me
  10. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jenko-xukx/video/64945817 This was me, was AFK and the hogtie glitched out unfortunalty for them
  11. I've read some salmon goes for $4
  12. Another good tip I've just discovered, small alligator skins sell for the same price as large ones ($3.50) but with the small ones you can stack under large carcasses
  13. If you set you camp in the region above saint Denis (the name escapes me, begins with "B") that sometimes sets up just left of the train track which is quite handy as butcher only a 2 min horse journey South
  14. I have started to hunt in swamp/marshlands just north a of saint Denis (follow train track up). Plenty of alligators and herons to choose from as well of the occasional buck and boar. Skin/pluck birds for feathers and take back as many perfect carcasses as you can fit on horse. Usually make $20-$30 each 10 minute run. Once I'm done just follow train track into saint Denis and sell at butcher and then head back out. Got general store next to butchers as well in case you need to resupply ammo
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