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  1. Griefer hunting or looking for trouble? Taking a mission to deliver a wagon, starting in Blackwater which was a rolling gun battle. And take it to Thieves Landing, which was also a rolling gun battle did not look to have much chance of success. Unless the plan was to get into some pvp all along. The previous days before I mysteriously was not in your posse, the posse was not showing in the posse list at all and you appeared "offline" for 6-7 days it seemed either you were making poor decisions or looking to find trouble and start a war. Not into pvp all that much myself, after a few kills/deaths I've had my fill and am ready to get back to what I had planned on doing. I took a 5 month break until the offense/defense mode patch came out because players were going out of their way to kill others. Or at least it looked that way from where I was standing. I don't know if the patch really changed things that much or players attitude changed, but it is very easy to avoid player vs player conflicts now if you just use a little smarts. In the last week as a posseless player I have killed 1 player who was acting strange and looked to be hunting me and I have been killed twice. 5 seconds later I was back to minding my own business and no server war erupted. I get mauled and killed by grizzlies 100 times more than by players. I think trying to run all the grizzlies off the server would be about as pointless as trying to run some random player off the server because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe the players you and your posse seem to be having trouble with are the griefer hunters and you are the griefers. Being chased across different sessions as described by some of your posse members seems much more than a random killing.
  2. Cowboy action shooting. KC's Corral annual club championship entitled Thunder in the Brush, which was just last month. About 50 people total, 3 posses over a 2 day period. Top picture is my posse and that is me shooting pistols gunfighter category. The Lady in the purple shirt is picking up my rifle casings and shotgun hulls. She was Virginia State Lady's Champion couple years ago, very fast shooter (I can't beat her). She also tutored me in black powder reloading. Her alias is Sassy Shooting Sours, guess where I got my characters last name from. That is her husband behind me holding the timer in his hand. Have got the SASS Virginia State Black Powder Shootout coming up in a couple of weeks. Will try to get more pictures. Most everyone will have the best cowpoke looking outfit they have on.
  3. Thanks @Major Dammidge for the graphic. Today was a fun one. Need to get my guns re-barreled though, wore them out with all the shooting.
  4. Did not really buy them for the xbox, but they came wired for the xbox and with an adapter to hook to pc. But the wires going to the mic were backwards to be able to work with with an xbox. Don't think the warranty is any good now, not that I would have tried to use it anyway. At least I did not have to get my favorite mechanics tool out and beat it into submission, I just love using a big ballpeen hammer to fix things.
  5. An arena type server that only has town sized maps, with all the towns on a rotation. Drop the teams in opposite corners (2-4 teams) and let them go at it. Could either be wipe out the other team or capture and hold certain points till time runs out. Just a thought.
  6. The free-aim lobby people are the only ones I can see that still have a valid complaint. I am happy with the passive/aggressive mode the way it is working at the moment. Will have to see what abuses players can come up with, so far I have not see any creative players doing so.
  7. I think my xbox does not like my headphones/mic. Works fine in windows, but nothing when in RDO. Going to have to pickup a different set and see if that works. So this means I am not ignoring you all. Could learn morse code, my clicks do show up. Edit: It might be fixed, will find out tomorrow.
  8. Not exactly the same experience, but felt the same way and stopped playing online about a week before Xmas. Came back after the passive/offensive mode patch and find I can actually enjoy the game. A couple of time someone has walked up to me with a pair of sawed of shotguns and shot my face off. And I do see bullets whizzing by every so often, which is not a big deal. Now I can walk into a town where a posse is killing all the NPC's and go about my business for the most part. A big change from when RDO first came out.
  9. My xbox update this morning was around 1.27gb
  10. Not sure if my mic is working, was in a posse earlier and just heard static when some one spoke. Never had headphones and mic hooked up till this morning. Might have some bugs to work out.
  11. Sometimes the hunting missions are slow to kick in. I wait a few minutes before doing anything else to see if they start. Missions are not 100%, but are for me anyway working most of the time. I spend most of my time in high country doing Adler missions and ones from the Mexican.
  12. Did to me this morning, went back to normal after relogging.
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