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  1. Good idea to store more fish👍
  2. Thanks for the tip, gonna buy it asap...
  3. 1. Whats the current price for steelthread trout? 2. What is the best fishing spot to fish them?
  4. This topic should be stickied and kept updated... good northern american beaver carcas $3.15. Good beaver pelt $1,50
  5. The reward for winning in the Race Series are horrible. Low xp and $
  6. I’m wondering if Rockstar announced anything about the rewards from GTA Online to RDR2/RDO. Didn’t received the Tomahawk & Revolver yet...
  7. Getting Gold with Story missions is way to easy, they should change it like elite challenges of GTA Online.
  8. Hate it that pelts disappear after fast traveling, they should change that. Otherwise it isn't worthwhile hunting up north, because it lacks Butcher locations.
  9. XBL username: Piwi2point0 country: the Netherlands P.s. Dutch people add me on Xbox one
  10. I prefer using all the cards to get more damage output. But I think the abilities you choose should be based on your playstyle. The upgrades though are so freaking expensive.
  11. With fishing a Muskie could be sold for $7,75
  12. Hide-outs droprate chance for a Treasure map is only around 10% in my experience. But you will get Jewelry or ammunation often from it instead.
  13. Well I get it when someone kills you at the butcher and tries to steal your pelts. Or when your doing a stranger misson and they try to steal your cart. But people who shoot someone just randomly without gaining anything or without reason is just retarded.
  14. Well you need a headshot for one shot one kill, but in my experience in close combat a shotgun is more effective for this. Varmint rifles has quick loading times, which make them usefull to aim on heads from a midrange distance.
  15. I think fishing is a lot faster than hunting. I use this spot at Ownijala Lake South-West of Strawberry. Where I stand on a rock and cast my rod out right in front of me, catching fish in just one hull. The ride with horse is short aswell and there is a butcher and general store over there. Hunting is just fun to do, but it takes too much time before you find a pristine animal and good hunting spots are often on remote locations.
  16. What is the best way to make money in Red Dead Online? Share your experience and methods with us.
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