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  1. I used the White Arabian for a long, long time. Towards the end of the main storyline I had 4 awesome, fully bonded horses but switched back to Snow White for maximum feels for the ending. The only problem I have with the Arabians is that they're so small, not really a cowboy's horse. During the epilog I've mostly used Buell whom I saved for this and Silfver, my silver Missouri Fox trotter. The best horse in the game stats wise is the Rose Gray Arabian.
  2. If there's one the gaming industry should have learned after the last couple of years it's that single player is FAR from dead. With that said, I'm really hoping for some story DLC for Red Dead 2. Considering the response to Arthur maybe something with a younger Arthur before the events of RD2. Could also be another character from the gang, like Dutch. Not really sure how people would respond to that considering the ending of the game and his role in the first game. A sure bet would be a Sadie Adler DLC, who didn't love her. That one could take place after the events of RD2 and and could star either John or Sadie as protagonist. Personally I wouldn't mind a remaster of the first game either, not sure how likely that might be though. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Yup, it's rarely explained but alot of sidequests are time sensitive. You either have to do them between 6 and 6 at night or day.
  4. Nope, since you're already wanted dead or alive in New Austin you don't have to be able to access it.
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