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  1. Untrue you can hold more of a specific category in your sathchel. The kit I think but can't remember easy to check put on upgraded screenshot items then put on old satchel
  2. The wraps absolutely slow the degradation of your weapons. It doesn't show it but I believe it's said or written somewhere in the one player game. Another thing I'm curious about is the stock, I believe upgrading the stock lessens the rifle from swaying slightly side to side or up and down. I think I read that somewhere but can't recall where.
  3. Join the Red Dead Redemption Fight Club PlayStation community we have 300 members and growing rapidly. Go to communities on your PlayStation menu and type the above as it reads
  4. I am unable to sell my egret plumes. I'm told this is a glitch is there a way to fix it or a way around it so I can sell?
  5. Well if I told you what cards I use for melee then I wouldn't be unique anymore, lol. Was pretty simple for me, as I used to do a lot of theory crafting on ESO but I digress, I would say record a couple of your fights. Play them back and figure out why you are losing. Are you landing more punches but not winning?- (invest in damage cards), are you taking less punches than your opponent but dying faster?- (invest in healing abilities) my abilities work for my play style, they may not work for yours. Ability cards in my opinion are maybe a quarter of the reason I'm the current RDR2 Fight Club Facebook group Champion (PS4). Technique is the biggest part of fighting but if you wanna learn more you can send me a friend request PSN Rusto321 I'm also admin on Rdr2 fight club PlayStation community. If you wanna go fighting hit me up
  6. To the anti ability card folks- I'm a fight club guy and that's what my load out is built for. It wouldn't do any good with a gun in my hand. I think they are great I'm a firm believer in diversity of player builds. If I'm smart enough to come up with a legit way of making my character superior in certain situations, why shouldn't I be able to capitalize on that. I'm not doing anything that you can't do. It's just that you don't or can't figure it out
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