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  1. As the parent of a teenage boy myself, and a gamer most of my life... I get it. But parents need to be parents and not “friends”. We want our child to be happy, but not helicopter over them to protect them. Folks needs to teach their children what is acceptable and what is not. If your not home... that sh*t is locked down. If you hear them talking sh*t or irate... shut the internet down. Simple.... take responsibility.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, and I haven’t been on in a week. But online.... banks are not open with doors closed. Not sure how you got in there?
  3. https://youtu.be/omvUYn5zuKM about halfway through the two minute video.
  4. I got struck by lightening yesterday out side of tumbleweed. That was a cool light show.... rumble, and a loud explosion and screen turned white as my guy flew like 15 feet. It was very obvious what happend, and quite frankly I had to go check my drawers.
  5. Today I played for about four hours, mostly hunting and such. The rate of fire seems to be slowed down on all weapons, and my aim is way off from what it used to be. Animals are bugging out, like the bison. Use to be herds of them out side of Blackwater and valentine. When I ride up on them, 3/4 of them despawn and with the shitty rate of fire I am lucky to down one of them. The griefing was off the chart.... people taking pot shots from way out.
  6. How about this, your not able to PVP unless you rob a store or shoot an NPC which sets your wanted level and then your open to everyone. If you shoot at a wanted player, then your flagged pvp. This way, you can participate if wish... or just go on your way. Or simply having your guns out... flags you.
  7. Other firearms in this era: Mosin Nagant- 7.62x54r Lee Enfield Mauser rifle Skoda MG edit: 1911
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