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  1. More than that. About $795 I think.
  2. Good for getting the "bow kill at 100m" achievement, too.
  3. Happy to create ad-hoc posse or three if you fancy a bit of mission-grinding and defending against idiot griefers. Also member of a permanent posse, but we don't all get online at the same time. My PSN is the same as my forum name, if you don't get a better offer and want to add me.
  4. My theory (mainly regarding deliveries) is they won't start if another player or posse are already engaged on one from that location. that defintely happened to me yesterday - my delivery wouldn't start, but I was then able to do so once the previous deliveries had completed. Maybe it's to stop more than one player ending up in the same location at the same time, with a letter to hand to the final resident.
  5. Exactly - you're much more likely for a 10-20 level taking a pot shot or sidling up to you whilst you're fishing, standing there waving, and then rugby tackling you and executing you. What's the point of that? On the flip-side, a friend and me were running a delivery in New Austin. There were 4 bags, and 2 of us. Whilst we were delivering, some guy picked up one of the spare bags and made off with it. Checking the player list, I saw he was a level 150+ ("here we go..." I thought) ... anyway, he dropped the mailbag close to the destination, then went and did the same for the last one. Quite helpful really. Must admit, I became a little frustrated with a posse of 5 or 6 the other evening, all with levels between 70-150. They were shooting pot-shots at all players as they roamed around the area (I was fishing at the time) and then descended like a wolf pack, shooting and shooting and absolutely bullying (me in this example) until I disconnected. I'm level 87 (mostly gained through fairly grinding missions and hunting - I am NOT a good PVP player) Now, I'll have a go for a while, but when I've had enough and I'm beat or ready to finish, I'll either try to leave the area, or I'll just stand there for a bit in an attempt to show the white flag. Parley wasn't really an option, as they would take it in turns to attack me until their respective parleys wore off. Additionally, this would also prevent me from taking on new missions, as that effectively ends all parleys - so they'd come hunting me again. Another side note, was one of the crew was firing a varmint rifle... now, come on - they're for shooting bloody rabbits and the like - they're not a grown up PVP gun Anyway - whinge over. I'll still be playing tonight.
  6. Me too. The first thing I do is turn off in-game rubbish. If it isn't kids mouthing-off, it's stupid music playing, or someone heavy-breathing into the microphone.
  7. Well. I worked hard yesterday, and now have my Missouri Fox Trotter. "PPG Bubbles". (I'm keeping a theme, as I now have a stable-mate for PPG Buttercup, my red Arabian)
  8. Very generous of you. I don't need them - but wanted to say that such a gesture is a rare thing on the internet these days. Kudos!
  9. One useful tip: the target usually goes red on the map as soon as the mission is accepted, so can be a good opportunity for other posse members to get a head start, should they run. I agree, there needs to be an adjustment, although removing the concept is a little harsh. How about only being able to attack low-honour players? or players in a posse? or those who recently killed someone (by accident or not) - this should hopefully make hunters safe(r). finally, I agree that a good XP payout should be the case for both the hunters and the hunted - with the hunted getting the combined XP of all the hunters if they survive... BUT they have to avoid just running away. Maybe make it proximity based, or to have at least engaged in some kind of combat. AND... there should be a payout for the hunters, should the hunted just disconnect. It takes time to travel to the mission, receive instruction, and then head off on the hunt. A quitter kills any potential payout.
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