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  1. So silly of him. It's absolutely ridiculous that he couldn't fire properly. Is he really a player or an NPC? Can't believe it.
  2. My Arabian horse is equally skittish. When travelling through the forest at night, I always keep a shotgun on hand to shoot any attacking wolves. My horse always bucked my off whenever it encounters bear or cougar. Some people prefer Missouri Fox Trotter but that can only be unlocked at level 58. I'm not at the level but i do consider getting one just to try out.
  3. i'm interested. I'm not a native English speaker but I can definitely understand follow the British accent. If you don't mind... Great fan of Monty Python.
  4. The background sounds makes everything so immersive. The sound of hooves trotting down the stone-paved streets of saint denis, the chirping of song birds, the loud peals of thunder, etc.
  5. Aurora

    racist people

    EasyX, I'm sorry to hear that you felt that way. I'm not sure if such kind of players are racist or just play nasty to everyone. I play as a white male even though I'm not white nor male. I get stabbed, shot, hog-tied, etc by all sorts of characters. Such players do so on purpose to spoil your game play. They want to antagonise you to obtain a retaliation from you. I find it a waste of my own real time, ammo and resources to go after them. Most of the time, if I'm alone I just respawn and enter another session immediately. I only retaliate hard if they shoot my fellow posses. Sometimes I
  6. I play rdr2 online as a lone wolf as well. I enjoy getting clearing gang hideouts, salmon fishing in Cumberland falls , taking long rides in New Austin. My favourite is shooting birds on a horseback on a varmint rifle. Just started playing this month , I don't try too hard to grind for xps or levelling up, just enjoying the scenery. Feel free to drop by my session. Gamertag is dawnt_hk
  7. i named mine Grumble. She's my one and only. The Arabian is pretty skittish. Would prefer a Turkoman though but still need some levelling up to do.
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