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    POP UP Adds

    These new popup adds jumping in from the R?H side on every page you open are doing my head. They started today i understand adverts help run sites but these are way over the top they half fill your screen Cant see what written till you scroll over to the right and close every one each time every time you open a page or go back a page
  2. Do some good stuff/Calm horse clean horse it will rise quickly or visit one of the characters and pay to up or down your honor> Some missions are honorable and some are not so your honor has to be at the right level to do them
  3. You need send ticket to Rockstar, the more we send the better the chance of it being put right
  4. That bonding level bug affects most players ive spoken to< yes making it "flee" resovles the issue for the lobby your in There is no quick fix or any fix on the poorly horses, Of which ive met a player online today with the Tiger striped mustang who suffers it as well
  5. There is very little between the 2 of them They are both multi grade horses, the Turkoman is war/race and excellent in gunfights noise doesnt bother it a deal its Heart core is a full circle giving it great defense against damage speed wise pretty quick but not as fast as the Fox trotter but there isnt much speed difference its also pretty good around predator animals standing its ground well. Fox trotter is a Work/race horse si is extremely good around predator animals mine has actually killed a grizzly and a wolf stamina is excellent but hear cores not as good as the Turkoman So basiaclly either are good all rounders with small benefits either way I use Turkoman for mission etc where gunfights are the norm and use the Trotter for hunting and travelling great distances at speed End of the day its what you like and want out of the game but as dollars are easy enough to earn why not buy both
  6. Was extremely bad last weekend, I have fiber optic to within 3 feet of my PS4 and ive played P2P games for years and never had issues unless some one enters lobby with a poor connection that persons connection WILL affect all other players in the lobby plus there is some instability within R* servers add them together and there you go. What I do for my whole internet is switch off the firewall in your router, Do make sure your individual hardware IE pc mobiles etc have adequate AV and there own firewalls where you can install. Make sure your connection for gaming is hard wired (i cannot stress that enough) also test your system you need a good upload as well as your machine will be talking to all other machines in the lobby and finally DO make sure you clean the cache on PS4 regularly not sure if you can do it on Xbox
  7. Ive tried everything even killing horse to see if that sorts out the bug My White Arabian is now suffering the exact same issues
  8. Ive played 2 real hours and fed it 16 portions hay 10 apples and 10 carrots in game its cores are full But go into any cut scene and it comes back extremely poorly both cores red head touching floor and front legs spread wide
  9. Anyone ? horse is permanently malnourished whatever and however many times i feed it
  10. Whenever i get my Fox trotter out the stables its poorly IE cores empty head touching floor and front legs spread wide i feed up and again during game whenever it goes out of sight and i whistle it, back it come in this poor state, I make sure its well fed and whenever i close game or change horse i make sure its cores are full but nothing stops this It only happens on this horse none of my others suffer this Any idea
  11. Thats a common R* server fault caused by an overload of players and servers struggling to cope
  12. Done it twice with schofield revolver loaded with express shot him strait up the snotter Both turne in 3star and 2 star Love em when they charge just wait till there close enough and bang, I even go out looking for them at the many spawn sights
  13. R* have it planned this way to deter lone wolfs they want you playing with other players and in doing so hopefully up the player levels, They dont usually miss things out they are very meticulous on most things even those very annoying thins that they program in on purpose for example npc on horse coming towards you vairs into your line sane as car in GTAO they very rarely vair away from you. Im pretty sure they have a special opps dept set up just to do these annoying things
  14. No one put the assassination on you, it’s a storyteller mission, player goes to storyteller and he assigns the nearest player to him and give the job to the player, basically it’s computer controlled and no specific person can be targeted.. iI don’t like these as a posse can be assigned to assassinate a single plaster and it can be rather unfair
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