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  1. "My point is, your argument about Mediacom being a large provider and the large customer base is moot That does not mean that individuals still do not have issues using their service. " Yeah you did! So as long as your connection status is OK, the heck with those of us who are having issues since beta began! We are many in number. You have no idea how messed up this R* Support is because you apparently don't have any issues, and therefore don't speak to them. Or maybe you are one of them???
  2. Mediacom is really not the core issue Kean_1. R* is the issue. I also have interacted with R* Support many times. I have over 100 emails in my chain with them. Unfortunately for us not all support employees are equal. Some are better, and some are worse at addressing the issue you are having. Mine has always been disconnects. Some rep's are honest and speak the truth as far as they know it. Which is small I was told the support team never meets with the design team, not ever, not even by video or tele-conference. A written report is sent with our issues outlined. That is no way to run a game company. I was also told there are no dedicated servers, peer to peer. Meaning your machine or mine is the host, either of us quit the connection is dropped. I would have thought that after GTAO they would easily step into this game and create a solid winner right away. Different support team as well as design team, OK, but why not learn from GTAO. I just don't get it. I also want to admit how much I play said messed up game. I just love it's beauty and openness.
  3. We will be collecting pelts for people so they can sell at trader before you know it. Ala, Ultima Online, WOW, etc.
  4. Another un-update! Jeez Louise!!!
  5. Oh I believe your friend, from the start I have seen mission payouts increase by following a certain time line. Very cool of y'all to share it.
  6. I do that myself by having Xbox1 restart completely at power on , instead of being on standby.
  7. I see the animals spawning in larger groups.
  8. The not so new update! Only a week old!!!
  9. The kill 20 animals challenge is real challenging with no game.
  10. I would have thought that R* would have easily slipped in this cowboy version of GTA O, after all the experience they have creating GTA O, I was wrong. Speaking to R* support as much as I do, It becomes obvious some of their people are great, but some are not very experienced. Tier 1.
  11. I tried this several times and still get disconnected at a high % of my time.
  12. Like I said we are being forced to play around the multiple issues we find in game.
  13. I am tired of not being able to play the game as designed, i.e., gathering pelts and carcasses. We are playing around all this and it is not acceptable! Fast travel now allows pelts to be saved, but large pelts disappear after travel. Carcasses stay after travel. Not true after constant disconnects. Everything outside your satchel is gone. My upgraded saddlebags allow me to keep 20 items of specific items like mature venison.
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