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  1. Fishing for the succulent fish daily, player starts messing about, emotes etc. Then takes my horse, which isn't possible with settings. No name on head, doesn't appear on map. Comes back, blows up my salmon school Enough already. Pull bolt shotgun and cant lock on or aim at him. Cant report someone with no name
  2. Getting this on a daily basis. So many using hacks and cheats.
  3. I bought the turk and the foxttotter at the same time. I was really rooting for the turk, but the lady foxtrot is way better. You know it is when the npc's say "nice horse " as they used to my black Arabian in story mode! Turk never gets those comments! My still favourite though is my black and white Hungarian. She is an absolute tank and I think the best looking of the 3 I have. When I can get the top saddle I think she will be back out of the stable. It also amuses me that when I have birds stashed on the saddle my lady character has to jump off Frankie Dettori style.
  4. I wasnt sure if my original question was ambiguous after reading it back, was just clarifying I was asking the question out of ignorance, not trying to be clever! Thanks for your answers kean
  5. I was purely asking if GTA had roles/ jobs , as I never played it. Was purely trying to find a compass reference to R* and their past form. And what to expect from this next development.
  6. Does GTA have "role" mechanics? I hope the new mechanics will not help make the game more insular or sanitised. It would good for them to increase player interaction rather than diminish it. As for nicking stuff off others horses it annoys me but it is game mechanic in story mode Arthur could help himself to cargo as NpC's lead their horse past. I think R* want more not less player interaction and this is an easy way to promote hostile interactions. Is it happens in camp, I do think Cripps should give them both barrels! He would finally earn his keep.
  7. Glad you had a good evening! 150 bucks for treasure map just reminded me I have 20 knocking around in satchel and post. Must try harder!
  8. Update. The issue carried on progressing to include anything with a cut scene/lobby/game mechanic EXCEPT crafting bizzarly. Several hard resets, swapped from wifi to my mobile wifi and back. Finally force moved my camp and bazinga all back to normal. Lockbox glitches again but seems ok now. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Thanks gents. I think I will keep my powder dry for now. Had enough buyer regret with arrows and rare shotgun. Even my Turkoman has developed a clinical fear of rabbits and squirrels.
  10. Hit 80. Is incendiary buckshot pamphlet worth buying right away? Can just about raise the cash as been upgrading cards. Is it a real step up like explosive rounds/dynamite? Or keep saving g for the real good stuff lvl 90 and up?
  11. Lumper, you I like. But yes done all above.
  12. Gets better. Cannot pick up mail from post offices. I know trump didn't pay Gov workers but what the actual frick? Only way to get ammo is to a gunsmiith. Read the reports r*. Sort your life out.
  13. Spawn in Grizzlies , only one outfit available. Use wardrobe, get message telling me I have no cold weather outfits. Cant even open wardrobe. Cant open lockbox. Now cant use stable. Just disconnect me and be done with it.
  14. Had a moment like this last night. Saint Denis, sell herbs to quack and mount horse outside. In defensive mode.Open menu and then get hit at absolute full pelt by a player on horseback. My Turk survives and I stagger to my feet. Player starts throwing poisoned knives into me, his tag us red but dot isn't. I get tired of being a dart board, so goto shoot him with bolt action. Cant lock on and auto aim keeps tracking Npc's. I finally literally wrestle the dot into place and shoot the guys face off. There was no red on map, no prompt to parlay ,no option to press charges, no bounty on my head, no loss of honour. Bit befuddled. Maybe he had slippery bastard on? Don't explain everything though. New form of griefing..Any thoughts?
  15. I play mostly solo but with family members at weekend. I got to level 40 I think before they joined me online. My early coping strategy (because 6 months ago griefing was way worse) was staying fairly close to camp and get a few levels under my belt, bow, bolt action etc. Gives you the chance to find your feet being relatively free from random attacks. Just my 2 penny worth. Enjoy!
  16. This. I want to look like Clint, not mr creosote at dinner.
  17. For goodness sake don't let the cat out of the bag about the bird flight path west of Rhodes going to flat iron lake!
  18. I was watching a trial of NWO online. It seemed to demonstrate that a shot from throat to nose will still kill first shot. Nose to hat NWO will work. In their trial though, only 25% of headshots struck nose up. It also showed that on defensive mode you should be able to take 2 shots to head rather than 1. 3-4 to the body rather than 1-3.
  19. Did you play vanilla wow on pvp server? Stranglethorn was a grief fest, levelling was sometimes impossible.
  20. Tuesday nights always bad for disconnects here in London. Update related?
  21. If the pvp element of free roam bothers you now after a week playing online, you probably would have binned the game in BETA. This is a stroll in the park, with no real consequences for death.
  22. R* I think handled it well in story mode. If they could recreate that, I would whole heartedly encourage it. But the elephant in the room is that they have completely removed all such content from online. That says to me one of several options. I'm playing devil's advocate to an extent. They didn't want to fall foul of PC brigade. They are working on something already. They didn't want to highlight the atrocities carried out to a wider, less educated audience. They simply know their customers , most of who are pretty shitty a la GTO.
  23. Some roadside items such as wagons and decrepit buildings glitches in and out. Mainly a plethora of disconnects that must have cost me hundreds . Losing the perfect cougar took the jam out of my doughnut.
  24. And amuricans can steal their land, take their food sources and commit genocide again?
  25. Hard restart appears to have done the trick, if it happens to anyone else.
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