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  1. Hey sorry I just saw this not sure why I didnt get a notification but we are only based on red dead. I dont know anyone running any type of milsim on gta . But we would be more than happy to have you in red dead. We do have a couple younger guys (no squeakers), but most of are members are mature older gents! I think you would be a great fit due to your military background, I think that maybe you could give us some input as well to make us more established as a military. Theres only a few things we ask of our members. 1 is to download the Discord app via Android Apple or PC, as we use this to
  2. The Archangels are looking for Active members! We are milsim group . We lead weekly battles against our rivals, Immersive hunts, mission grinding, Ect. We wanna help you rise in rank and earn money, in return we ask that you join us on the battle field and dominate our rivals! We are currently active and our members hail from all over the world, with members active daily you'll find your self with someone to constantly run around the open world of red dead with and you feel comfortable know the rest of the members of The Archangels have your back! For more information or if you are interested
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