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  1. We are always recruiting fastest way t get my attention message me xbox Evil Wolf Snipe
  2. My Crew Named after my fave tv show Only fools and Horses, We are always recruiting My Gamer Tag is Evil Wolf Snipe. hit me up on xbox and I will get you in theres 15 of us on discord some in UK some in USA.
  3. We are always recruiting and growing. We have players in both England and America and other places.
  4. Sorry Everyone the last week my life has been hell applications have been processed.
  5. We are now 6 strong and still recruiting everyone so far is over 30 and we have players from uk and america.
  6. We have decided that we will be doing all 3 roles and American players are more than welcome send me your gamer tag
  7. THIS CREW IS A PVE CREW WE DO NOT START TROUBLE AND WE DO NOT SHOOT 1ST UNLESS SHOT AT. I dont care if you are rank 1 or 1,000 you are welcome to join us. We do have discord and all club communication is posted on it but if you just want to hang out and grind and play etc thats fine. I had been Looking for a crew on here for ages trying to join a good active posse and despite requesting to join 3-4 of them I never heard back and I decided it was time to set up my own and see if people would be interested. UK BASED POSSE ON XBOX BUT EVERYONE WELCOME IF YOU HAVE A MIC. DI
  8. I am interested do you guys also play GTA my aim is to find a damn good mil sim who play RDR2 and GTA but its impossible so far
  9. Not impressed all you did was show a bunch of edited FMW shots a good recruitment video should tell all about your crew and not just a random mash up.
  10. were now the sticky bandits thats S.T.I. sorry I love home alone
  11. tell me more about the crew and who you were on GTA ?
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