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  1. Love these new modes. Absolute trash. My horse got stuck INSIDE of a rock during the Tumbleweed Target Race, I got a whopping 19xp and pennies as a reward. I, personally am not a huge fan of PvP and think player collision should be turned off for some of these events. The normal races work ok most of the time, I can understand kicking a guy there, but not during a Target Shoot Race, these kids playing the game either don't understand the "mode" or they are stupid. I hate being kicked from my mount as the race starts, hence the getting stuck in the rock glitch. It's been reported as feedback to R* but I don't think they really care. Ultimate Edition was half off the other day. I feel cheated. I bought a 4k game, and got something that barely renders in 1080i, the bait and switch is strong in this one too. Oh and I love all the kids out there who are running: Slippery Bastard / Eye For an Eye / The Unblinking Eye / Never Without One Paint it Black wrecks you.
  2. I would like to run a shop to sell those bits you can sell to a Butcher, but for some reason are unable to repurchase. Come one, come all! To my amazing Animal Fat Warehouse! Due to an error in shipping we are overstocked on Animal Fat and must move this product before it all melts away!!! The fun to be had.....All I need is a wacky, wavy, inflatable, flailing arms tube-man to attract possible customers, or victims.
  3. More than One way to Earn a Buck Set a timer for 30 minutes Do the first part and kill everyone, leave 1 crate Go hunting and sell stuff in Valentine OR go to St Denis and execute policeman for XP I average 980 XP and $58.35 for completing the mission. I also get around $120 from the materials I sell during the mission. XP is up to how fast you are, most I have gotten killing cops is 1500 One or the other, you can't do both. There are no alligators, cougars, or bears in the mission. Oh well. Nor can you go fishing. This is the best I have found so far.
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